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Aug 16

For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users who love American Football, especially for the NFL sport, now you can play Madden NFL 11 for iPhone with Retina Display support for the iPhone 4. Available for $ 7.99 at the iTunes App Store, you can get the authentic NFL experience on your iPhone with this app.

Madden NFL 11 for the iPhone has 4 game modes. In addition, you can fight your friends in “Head-to-head” using the Bluetooth facility on your iPhone device. Madden NFL 11 for iPhone is developed by EA SPORTS ™ and sold by Electronic Arts via the iTunes App Store. Open this link on your iTunes to purchase Madden NFL 11 on iTunes App Store.

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Aug 16

More and more mobile applications are facilitate you to active in social networking. UberTwitter is a Blackberry app that allows you to get the full capabilities of Twitter like Tweet, Photo integration, and many more.

Like Twitter within your grasp, you can embed video in a Tweet directly through your BlackBerry. In addition, other various features that exist on Twitter websites on Desktop like shrink Tweet, make short URL, or get Twitter lists also available on UberTwitter. Visit UberTwitter developer site here.

Aug 16

If you want to feel the first hit iPad game known as Osmos game by Hemisphere Games on your iPhone, this app now available for iPhone for $ 2.99. Redesign for iPhone users, you will get many features from Osmos game, including full Retina Display support and Multi-touch awesomeness that allow you to tap to eject mass, pinch to zoom, or flick to warp time.

Osmos for iPhone has two game modes, the Odyssey and the Arcade, where you can get game experiences up to 72 levels. Especially, if you want to play any level types with different difficulty levels, I think you should choose the Arcade game mode. Get more information about Osmos for iPhone here.

Aug 16

Do you believe the horoscope predictions? Following the daily update of horoscope is very easy if you install Daily Horoscope on your BlackBerry. As a free application, the Daily Horoscope entertaining enough to provide 12 zodiac signs for you.

Unfortunately, there are still some problems when using the Daily Horoscope, such as the JAVA.LANG.ERROR issue when you start this application. Moreover, as the BlackBerry Storm user, you must disable the compatibility mode to get the full functionality of the Daily Horoscope app. Download Daily Horoscope free here.

Aug 16

As a businessman, you may need XE Currency applications for BlackBerry to review the latest currency for worldwide currencies. XE Currency enables you to access over 180 world currencies and precious metals as well.

With the XE Currency, You can use this application off-line because every new update from the XE Currency will be stored on your device automatically. XE Currency Converter is a simple and powerful applications so you can learn about this app or download it here.

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