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Jun 29

Apple has put iPhone 4G to market a few days ago. It seems to hurt mobile market according to first day reports.

As we know from latest news, Apple’s last bomb iPhone 4 includes special features in it, like recording HQ quality vidoes, etc. So many iPhone 3G users were ready to upgrade themselves to newer generation and we know that thousands of pre-orders were given to Apple before iPhone 4G has been put to markets.

CNN Officers announced to World that; iPhone 4 has reached up to 1.5 million sellings at first day and Apple surpassed its own record. Apple’s supervisors are already glad from now on.

In the past; iPhone’s first model was reached to 1 million degree after 74 days later and iPhone 3G was reached 1 million degree in first week. So; iPhone 4 has shown its success just a few days.

Jun 27

We present you a new and ambitious online flash game site, Games CEX.

It was created for all aged internet users that want to have fun with online flash games, animations and more. All of the contents of Games CEX are completely free.

Games CEX presents you flash games in most popular categories and also in surgery games. There are also many cartoon characters are ready to play with you whenever you want.

Games CEX’s increasing its flash games number permanently and we suggest you to follow it as much as possible.

Although there are so many flash game sites all over the world; this site will provide you unusual experiences with its own qualified and special attributes so soon.

There’s one thing left; trying and following Games CEX!

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Jun 27

Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 will be shown on smart phones so soon.

Before all; some videos are being published about system’s working, interface and features. You will find a video on continuation of our article.

We strongly recommed you to watch it. You will find necessary informations and details.

Watch: Windows Phone 7 Presentation Video (HD Quality)

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Jun 22

Do you wonder new iPhone’s SAR value? You will find a detailed answer in our article.

iPhone 4G which was appeared with an interesting story; has been announced officially at the last. Especially, new device has a better performance on its digital camera; also on hardware, battery and other attributes.

It also succeeded to create a different style. While “Super AMOLED?” discussions are going on, more different styled iPhone’s screen made an exact difference against to its opponents with its 800:1 contrast degree.

iPhone seems a stronger device in all fields; but there is another increasing value on a negative point: SAR Value. According to previous generation of iPhone (3G); Apple increased new generation’s SAR value 0.10 scales, totally it reached 0.43 W/kg. Motorola Milestone has 1.38, HTC Evo 4G has 0.96, so iPhone seems very conceivable value. Also, new iPhone reaches 1.17 W/kg SAR value during talking. This ratio was 1.19 W/kg in iPhone 3G S.

We should take care on SAR values for our health.

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Jun 02

Samsung who has a successful line in mobile phone marketing since last one year, is preparing to launch Samsung Galaxy S model mobile phone in tens of countries.

Samsung’s landing in mobile phone marketing caused a big profit for them. As Samsung didn’t confine with this; they took back Google Android OS‘s power and succeed to increase their profit. Company is preparing to launch new mobile phone Galaxy S to the market nowadays.

Galaxy S will have a title as: “The most powerful Android Phone.”. The Phone that will use all adventages of Android Operating System, will be launched in 100 countries at the same time.

The reason of Samsung’s fast attack relies on; popularity of iPhone 4G’s incoming news and worries about their customers to be snatched by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S that has really powerful in respect of specialities; will compete against iPhone 4G. According to experts’ reviews, the winner of this competition will direct new generation phones.