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May 24

Google has announced the latest version of Android, Froyo. The most important subject in this version is Speed.

New device can reach up to 2-5 times more speed according to device’s hardware by using less system resources. System shows its real performance on the applications which have 3D visuals.

Specifications announced in presentation of Android 2.2 Froyo are like these;

  • Interaction over short messages with Google Maps,
  • Advanced backup options, automatic restore speciality,
  • Saving the applications into stack memory (SD Card, Flash Memory, etc.),
  • Preloaded access point feature (Android 2.2’s Hotspot Feature),
  • Faster web explorer (2-3 times faster Javascript engine),
  • Automatic updating abilities for Android.

You can also take a look at the highlights of Android 2.2 from Android Developer Blog.

You can also take a look at the highlights of Android 2.2 from Android Developer Blog.You can also take a look at the highlights of Android 2.2 from Android Developer Blog.

May 14

Rumors about fourth generation of iPhone is going on incessantly. After Gizmodo event; iPhone 4G was appeared in Vietnam this time.

Some new images was being talked over the internet while iPhone event that’s moving Apple to court corridors, maintains its freshness. News according to a web site sourced in Vietnam, site authors succeeded to take hold of the iPhone 4G’s latest version that’s ready for sale.

In older images of Gizmodo news didn’t have a label named an internal memory; but the newer images have a label which means that iPhone will have 16 GB internal memory.

As new images are so similar to older images; there isn’t a certain information about it yet. Statements of the site authors which the newest images were displayed in; they had paid $4.000 for that iPhone.

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May 08

There are so many directories over the internet. Most of them are seemed to be far away from providing necessities. We want to present you RHMOZ that we’ve created for serving you on this subject.

Our new service RHMOZ is just so new. Its design and functionalty will be re-shaped due to Web 2.0 standards; and it will be a candidate one of world’s best free directories so soon.

We also suggest our directory project to our webmaster visitors. It’ll be useful for your projects, sites and clients. Additionally, we will archive both internet tablet sites and pda, smartphone sites regularly in our Free Directory. You can also take a look into this chapter in the future.

We hope you a nice work.

May 08

We want to introduce you an online flash game site that you can play funny games with your friend. As games can be played online; they are also enjoyable and they need so little time to be loaded.

As known on iPad and internet tablets; games which have large capacities cannot be installed over the internet. So we can prefer flash and shockwave games instead of that.

You can live an enjoyable experience with Multiplayer Games in site. Also there’s another expressive site named that you can play Funny Games and watch Funny Animations on it. Spending your time is really funny and we invite you to live this experience.

Enjoy with these funny games and animations. Have a nice day.

May 03

Google’s image searching service that provides us searching photos and images on the web was rearranged from now on for Android and iPhone users.

One of the most useful services of Google Image Search has opened to mobile world. Service has been rearranged recently for Android and iPhone users’ to provide them a more functional searching process. New version of this service presents us a faster activity and reaching righter results.

We suggest you to read this article from Google’s Official Mobile Blog to get a detailed information and watching the presentation video.