Dec 22

Because for Apple the market from China is extremely important because there generate a great deal of company revenues. We not talk just about the actual sales and purchases of products but because of China App Store download almost as many applications as the U.S., when we talk about the iPad tablets.

At the downloading made on iPhone devices the difference is greater on the figures but if we see that in the U.S. and China are separated by only a few percent and Apple increased discharges of China it means a large increase in revenues.

The information are coming from the Distimo company that announce that a half of the profit for the iPhone’s App Store is generated by 200 free applications that through the freemium model generate very good profit for developers. In-app purchase is those that bring big money for Apple and those of Distimo figures speak for themselves.

The company made a top that lists the best applications of 2011 and ranks on first place Angry Birds which is available on many platforms and generates profit for its producers. Interestingly, in this top 10 there is any applications that are available on all major mobile platforms.

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