Oct 31

WhatsAppMessenger is one of the most popular applications from App Store, being in a few months on the first places among the most purchased applications. Users love the application as it allows them to send text messages to any other owner of the iDevice owners but handsets with other operating systems installed.

The mobile messaging market is moving, choices around platforms and their pricing and how they provide an amazing customer experience are the hot topics at hand. As a leader in the messaging space and with our network now handling over one billion messages a day, we see that the power is with the consumer.

The application is popular worldwide and currently more than 1 billion messages are sent every day using the corporate network developer, is truly impressive figure considering that we are talking about an application that costs only € 0.79 and competing with iMesage.

I thought iMessage it would be left forgotten WhatsAppMessenger application but users still use it here and even more than usual so its developers have nothing to fear that soon will no longer be an option worthy of consideration.

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